Gruppo Dolomiti Energia, the main producer of electrical power in the Trentino region, has recently launched an innovative and original new project called “Dolomiti Hydrotour.”


Dolomiti Hydrotour, a unique initiative of its kind, will see the opening to the public of some of the hydro-electrical power stations in the Trentino region, aiming to give an insight into the process of transforming water into electrical power. The Santa Massenza power station will be piloting this project and is the most powerful structure in the Trentino region.


An excellent combination of architecture and engineering, the Santa Massenza Power Station, amongst other things, shows to what extent the exploitation of renewable resources has influenced the area and local population, through a series of evocative historical images and handy inter-active trails.


Riva del Garda Fierecongressi positively welcomes this new and original initiative, and has made an agreement with Gruppo Dolomiti Energia that will enable visitors in possession of the “Palacongressi discount voucher” to enjoy a reduction on the list price when they arrive at the cash desk of the Power Station.



Opening hours:

from Monday to Friday guided tours at 15.00 and 17.00

Saturday and Sunday guided tours at 10.30, 15.00  and 17.00


Entrance fees:

individuals: full price € 15.00

                        reduced entry €8.00

                        children under 6 free

family tickets: two parents and two children €25.00

                    one parent and two children under 18, €15.00


For further information: